Visual Arguments


Visual arguments play an important role in society today. They invoke emotions to stir one to act in the manner being encouraged for by the visual argument. They can make one feel extremely sad, guilty, happy, desirous, etc. Visual arguments are used in a way that makes one want to support them or buy whatever they are trying to sell. An example of this is the following picture comparing Apple and Windows computers.

visual argumentIn this picture, Windows is compared to an old, broken car with a lot of wires. The mechanic is confused about how it works and how to repair it. The mechanic is also seen as worn out and tired of fixing the car. On the other hand, Apple is compared to a modern, shiny, cool car. Windows’ wires and confusion are replaced with a simple Apple on/off switch. This indicates the simplicity and ease of using an Apple. The engines of the two cars also communicate the power of an Apple. Windows’ engine is slow and broken down in this picture. On the other hand, Apple’s engine is turbocharged. This visual comparison leads the viewer to the only possible conclusion: Apple is the best.


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