Is Google Making Us Stupid?


Link to the article:

funny-facebook-fails-mail-then-and-nowA tension exists between progress and content. Simply because something is new or more efficient to use does not mean that it has better content or greater value. Sometimes the simple things in life are more meaningful and beneficial. In this article, Nicholas Carr is explaining the effects that the Internet has on the human brain. He says that although it can be beneficial in doing research, the Internet causes the reader to have a low concentration level when it comes to reading. Instead of reading a full article, the average person would skim it and never come back to it. They don’t read for the deeper meaning or spend time contemplating what the text is actually saying. Internet articles may be useful for getting facts, but not for getting understanding.

Technology is not bad in itself. Because technology is changing cultures and lifestyles, one must face this new reality and adjust to it. This is important in the field of education. One can complain about the impact that technology is having on the way children are learning or one can utilize this technology to teach in new and creative ways. This point is made in the article, Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants by Marc Prensky. In the same way, immigrants needed to learn how to function in a new culture, so too educators must learn the new culture of technology. Only then will they be able to effectively instruct the “Digital Natives”.

Question for thought: What reading skills are useful to analyze and comprehend digital content?


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