Transcendental Journal: The Swaying Trees


Today I was sitting on my deck overlooking my back yard. There’s nothing special about the yard. We don’t have any flowers, furniture, statues, or anything to decorate it. It’s not even that big. That’s mostly because it’s fenced off by trees. Big, tall, skinny trees. They always stand perfectly still except whenever the wind blows against them. Then they sway back and forth like crazy. I’ve always wondered how they never fall down. No matter how hard the wind blows they always manage to stand tall. I was told that they never fall because of their roots. When the trees were first planted they grew up with the harsh winds. As a means of survival, they dig their roots deep into the earth to add more foundation.

UntitledWatching them sway back and forth, I am filled with awe and wonder. I admire their strength and resiliency in not wanting to fall. But at the same time, I am frightened because every time they sway in the wind, they always creak. And the creaking noise makes me imagine that they will fall on the house. It’s crazy to think that our house is in so much danger because it is completely surrounded by those trees. If any of them were to fall, they would destroy the house and everything in it. As a result I sit on my deck in both fear and awe. It is an odd combination of feelings to have.

Looking at the trees remind me of the trials and tribulations of life. Even though we may face hardships (wind) in our lives, we must not be afraid. If we have planted our roots deep into the Word of God, we will not fall. The only way to do that is to make sure that we first read it every day so that we grow up with the Gospel and everyday our roots can grow deeper and deeper into the Word. That way, we are prepared and have a firm and strong foundation in the Gospel so that hardships and trials will not take us by surprise and destroy us. Also, it serves as a reminder that the only reason we have not fallen is because of our roots in the Gospel and we only have the grace and mercy of God to thank for that.


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  1. Since the wind often means incredible trial and hardship, it’s refreshing to see your take, saying that wind makes the trees sway and be sure of their foundation. Great job, Nicole

  2. I really loved how you said that you felt a mix of awe and fear (an odd, but extremely powerful mixture) and your reminder about our need to be rooted in God’s grace. Really well said!

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