Transcendental Journal: The House Still Standing


After visiting the burned house, I walked for a couple minutes before arriving at the other all-so familiar abandoned house. Like the burned house, I also visited this house my freshman year with my father. The path leading up to the house was a bit overgrown, but it was still visible. When I first visited it, the path was covered with wet leafy plants. This time, it was covered with dry dead branches. Upon arriving at the house I could hear a bird chirping in the distance. After listening to the bird, I noticed that the bird would sing the same pattern every three seconds without delay. Like the other house, this one is two stories. I remember the first time I was in the house, my dad and I heard something upstairs and thought the roof would collapse on us. But once we were outside we looked back and saw a vulture fly out of the house and perch on the roof. It was a magnificent sight.

Abandoned_house_in_White_Marsh,_VirginiaUnfortunately this time there was no vulture or sign of life anywhere. The house was painted white and had many dead vines grow around it. All the windows and doors somehow managed to disappear for there was no sign of wood or glass anywhere. Outside I could see a power box with wires still in it. This proves that the house was built sometime after electricity was invented – that narrows it down a lot doesn’t it? The whole left side of the house was destroyed. It looked like the roof had collapsed on top of it. Entering the house, I noticed that the ceiling was low, but it was still in tact. In the middle of the room there was a plastic garbage bin, but it had nothing in it. As a walked around the ground felt a bit unstable, but never the less it held my weight. There was a perfectly circular shaped hole in the wall with tree vines growing out of it. Next to the hole was a rusted radiator that looked like an ironing board. On the floor you could still see traces of the once red (or was it brown?) carpeting. I also found a piece of a baluster, but there wasn’t any other trace of a staircase. On the ceiling there was a rectangular hole. On one end of the hole was a hook, and on the other end were marks of where hinges used to be. This indicates that there used to be a door where the hole was, and it was the kind of door you would pull down to go up to your attic. Through the hole I could see very little of the upstairs, but it mostly looked clean and well… old. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to get up there. In the next room, I could see another hole in the ceiling. This one was circular and led directly up to the sky. I have absolutely no idea what that could’ve been. On the walls there were writings of names and dates. On the ceiling there was a hole where the lightbulb for the room would’ve gone. Also on the ceiling there was a gap that led to a dark attic. My guess was that it was dark because there weren’t any windows in it. Because it was dark I couldn’t see very much of the attic. The next room was completely destroyed. It was part of the left side of the house where the roof collapsed. Outside of the house, there was a broken cushioned chair and a rubber tire. There were many bottles of motor oil everywhere. Just as I remembered, there was an abandoned shed behind the house. The only thing new about it was there was a sign that said NO TRESPASSING. The sign was like one of those signs you would see on the woods in front of my school. Behind the shed, I saw another big metal cylinder thing. Beside the house was an interesting looking tree. It was as if the tree was made up of other trees. It looked like many skinny trees all eventually converging into one big one at the top. Some of the mini trees even twisted around the whole thing. It was one of the most bizarre trees I have ever seen.

After visiting the abandoned house, I felt a sense of relief to see this house still standing. At least this part of my memory still exists. But at the same time, I felt like I was in one of those movies where the house has a secret behind it and the murderer is about to pop out at any second and kill me. Throughout the whole visit I was a bit skeptical. And the strange noises of branches breaking in the woods didn’t help with the feeling either. But never the less, I did not get killed and nothing very exciting happened.

Things may cause a feeling of uneasiness. Sometimes it is an experience of someone dying before our eyes. Other times it may be of change or unfamiliarity. But it is important that we do not let this cause irrational fears in our heart but instead we realize that no matter what our situation is like, God has a plan for us. He is watching over our coming and going. He is our loving Father.


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  1. Also very vivid! And I’ll admit, I was a little anxious for you when you went inside– so glad you got out safely.

    Two very eerie journal entries… and both interesting convergences of man-made structures and nature! Especially the way that nature sort of takes over after the works of man have been destroyed or abandoned…

  2. I like how you created your own Poe-esque adventure in the abandoned house. I felt uneasy reading the story(i get scared easily) and i think that’s great that you were able to evoke uneasiness in your writing which lead to your greater statement good job!

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